Our team strives for quality in the services we provide our clients and we believe in total client satisfaction.

Services Provided

Megafield Oilfield Inspections Inc. offers many services such as ; Drill Pipe/Tubing Inspection (EMI), Ultrasonic End Area (UTEA), Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) Inspection, and Portable Refacing Service.  Megafield also provides the following additional services: DHT Inspection, Visual ID Inspection, Hardness testing, Protector Cleaning, Casing/Tubing/ API 5B thread gauging, Rotary Shoulder/ API Spec 7 thread gauging, ID Jet Cleaning, and Serialization of tubulars.


Experienced Workers

Megafield Oilfield Inspections Inc. has been in business since 2009.  The owners have over 35 years combined experience in oilfield inspection services.  We have been a member in good standing of the International Pipe Inspectors Association (IPIA) since October 2009.  Mega Field inspectors have been certified through the IPIA in Mag Particle 2 inspection, Liquid Dye Pen, as well as a number of other certifications.  We have certification with the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) in Mag Particle Level 2 as well.

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Customer Service


At Megafield we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We believe in the 3 C's of customer satisfaction: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! We provide customers with superior service, with each area of the business having clear policies, rules and supporting mechanisms to ensure consistency during each interaction.  We also believe that customer loyalty is extremely important through solid communication between the client and Megafield.