Drill Pipe/Tubing Inspection (EMI)

Megafield uses the newest inspection equipment to inspect your new or used drill pipe/tubing.  We offer mobile inspection units so we can bring the inspection to you.  We offer inspections from API to DS-1 or we can create an inspection program to fit your needs.  We also can create a complete inspection history for all of your oilfield tubular products using our specially designed program.


Ultrasonic End Area (UTEA)

Megafield can provide ultrasonic end area inspection on drill pipe and Hevi-wate drill pipe at your request.



Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) Inspection

Megafield provides Mag Particle inspection (MPI) and Liquid Penetrant inspection (LPI) for non-mag tools to all threaded areas and upset areas to check for service induced defects.  Thread inspection can include thread gauging, visual inspection, and dimensional inspection.



Portable Refacing Service

Megafield can repair damaged seal faces on API connections for drill pipe, hevi-wate drill pipe, collars or BHA using our lathe syle refacer.  



Megafield also provides the following additional services:

DHT Inspection

Visual ID Inspection

Hardness testing

Protector Cleaning

Casing/Tubing/ API 5B thread gauging

Rotary Shoulder/ API Spec 7 thread gauging

ID Jet Cleaning

Serialization of tubulars

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